PT Nikkatsu Electric Works founded in 1970, October 13 which is engaged in electric appliance industry. The company has undergone many developments since its establishment until now. In the first year, PT. Nikkatsu Electric Works produces Electrical and Telecommunication Cables, a year later our company produces Fluorescent and Electrical Transformer.

For more than 40 Years PT. Nikkatsu Electric Works experienced in producing:

  1. Fluorescent Ballasts
  2. Electric Transformers
  3. Laminated Steel Core

PT. Nikkatsu Electric Works is an OEM and ODM company that manufactures products or components that are then purchased by other companies using the other company's trademarks and conforms to the specifications which is specified by the other company.

In the era of global economy, PT. Nikkatsu Electric Works will further improve the service on quality, precision in delivery and price.

In facing global challenges, PT. Nikkatsu Electric Works has implemented ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards and other standards to statisfy costumers.

To face an aggressive challenge, our company will continue to develop new products with reliable high-tech technology for potential market demand.